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Economic analysis & forecasts, articles, background info (dictionaries & encyclopedias), data & statistics, theses, working papers, writing and citing.

Finding Books on Economics Topics

Omni is the best search tool for finding books and book chapters on Economics and related topics. There are two options:

  1. Search by Keyword. This allows you to search the title, subject headings, and table of contents for each book available online or in the Brock Library.   I recommend using Advanced Search, which lets you combine multiple search terms together using connectors such as AND (e.g., economic development AND India). 
  2. Search by Subject using the correct Library of Congress Subject Heading. For example:
    • Economic Development
    • Economic History
    • Elasticity (Economics)
    • Canada - Economic Conditions
    • Medical Economics - Canada
  3. A keyword search will often point to useful subject headings, so sometimes a combination of the two approaches is required. 
  4. You may limit your search results to ebooks by filtering the results by Availability to Available Online. 
  5. You can email records from Omni to yourself. The emailed record will contain all the bibliographic details required to cite your sources in a bibliography or reference list.

Open Textbooks

New to Economics? Looking for an Open Textbook?