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Economic analysis & forecasts, articles, background info (dictionaries & encyclopedias), data & statistics, theses, working papers, writing and citing.

What's an Annotated Bibliography?

Have you been asked to do an Annotated Bibliography? 

The following video will help you to better understand what is expected of you. 



Check out our Style Guides page for help related to specific citation styles (MLA, APA, etc.). 


Conducting Literature Reviews

According to Ridley (2013), the term literature review refers to both the finished product and the process involved in creating the review. 

According to Hammersley (2004), a literature review is "a summary of what is currently known about some issue or field on the basis of research evidence, and/or of what lines of argument there are in relation to that issue or field."

  • Literature reviews are found in research proposals as well as published research reports (e.g. journal articles).
  • In order to summarize previously published research, you will first need to identify relevant studies by searching the economic journal literature using a Library Database such as EconLit or a Library Search Engine such as SuperSearch.

Typically, literature reviews are conducted by following these steps (Fink, 2005:

  • Select your research question
  • Select bibliographic databases and other sources to search
  • Choose search terms and apply screening criteria
  • Do the review
  • Synthesize the results

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Literature Reviews (Online Guides & Handouts)

Books from the Library

The following books also provide in-depth guidance on conducting and writing literature reviews: