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A guide to help you with your assignments in EDUC 1F95.

Getting started

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Welcome to the EDUC 1F95 Library Research Guide!

This guide can help you with your assignments in this course. Browse the options on the left to learn how to find books and articles, how to cite in APA style and more.

Getting started...

Your textbooks are a great place to find out more about a topic. Check your text for a list of further reading. Encyclopedias can also be used to find background information on a topic, and dictionaries are useful for finding definitions of terms. Here is a selection of useful reference materials both online and in print.

Theories and Theorists

A selection of books on education theory. For more, search Omni using keywords that describe your theory or theorist (e.g. constructivism, Piaget, etc.).

History and Philosophy of Education

To find books and articles about the history and/or philosophy of education, try a keyword search in Omni. When searching for books, a general search like [history education] may work best. Don't forget to limit your search to Available in Brock Library. If you want articles, limit your search to Articles (under Resource Type) and/or Peer-Reviewed Journals (under Availability), and consider adding additional keywords to your search to get more specific. Some books to get you started: 

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Some of these resources will be helpful for finding out more about the history of education. In most cases, you will be able to search by keyword. Try searching for a person (Plato) or "enlightenment".