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EDUC 5P92 Introduction to Educational Research

A brief guide to library resources in research methods for Education.

Library Session Slides

Research methods in education

Need more? Use SuperSearch or the Library catalogue to search for keyword such as: research methods education. Or use this subject heading: Education -- Research -- Methodology

Theses and Dissertations

Find studies that use a particular research design

Need to find a study that uses a particular research design or method? Try adding relevant terms to your search. For example:

  • Try adding the word "qualitative" to your search in an article database. Consider using other terms that may be used to discuss qualitative research: grounded theory, case study, critical theory, narrative, focus groups.
  • Use "literature review" in your search to find examples of literature reviews and to get an overview of your topic.
  • For quantitative research, try adding "quantitative" to your search, or use other terms like correlation, statistical analysis, statistical significance, t-test, hypothesis, etc. 

Searching in a specific journal

Use the A-Z List of Journals to search for a journal title. You can find the A-Z List of Journals on the Library website under Research, or at the top of the screen in SuperSearch. Screenshot of search in A-Z list of Journals on the Brock Library website.

Click on a journal title to search. 

Screenshot of Scholars Portal search screen of Review of Educational Research. Check box indicating Limit search to this journal is highlighted.