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Teacher Education

A research guide to help you find books, articles and other resources on topics in Teacher Education.

Finding children's books

The Instructional Resource Centre (IRC) has a number of great books on choosing texts for the curriculum. Search OMNI by keyword. Try "children and books". Or try some of the following: 

Finding critical information about children's literature

Try a keyword search in OMNI to find more (e.g. "children's literature" will bring up lots of results; you could also get more specific and search "children's literature and feminism" or "children's literature and curriculum".

Article Databases

Try some of the following resources to find journal or newspaper articles on an author/book or children's literature criticism. 

Websites and other resources

Why use children's e-books?

Many primary classrooms use Big Books to share books in a group setting. E-books can be used as digital big books by using a projector, document camera or SMARTboard to display the book to the class.

Other online books and stories