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Researching Tennyson

image from 1898 edition of Tennyson's Idylls of the KingUse the library catalogue to locate books on Alfred Tennyson.

Use an author's last name as a SUBJECT to quickly identify works of criticism - general or on a specific work:

subject search library catalogue


Sample Searches

  1. Examine this book, found through the Brock library catalogue.  How could you use links in the record of this book to find additional books on the topic of Arthurian literature?
  2. Look at the result list for a search in the MLA Bibliography.  How could you expand/broaden this search to get MORE books and articles on the topic?
  3. Imagine you have found a citation for a book and article that you want to locate at Brock.  Using either SuperSearch or the library catalogue's TITLE or JOURNAL TITLE search, try to find these items at Brock (not all items may be available):

Mancoff, D. N. (1996). To take excalibur: King arthur and the construction of victorian manhood. In E. D. Kennedy (Ed.), King arthur: A casebook (pp. 257-280)

Boyce, Charlotte. "'Mighty through Thy Meats and Drinks Am I': The Gendered Politics of Feast and Fast in Tennyson's Idylls of the King." Victorian Poetry, no. 2, 2014, p. 225

Herbert F. Tucker, author. "The Epic Plight of Troth in Idylls of the King." ELH, no. 3, 1991, p. 701

Interlibrary Loan/ RACER - books

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What if Brock does not have the book I need?

Use RACER (also known as Interlibrary Loan) to request it from another library! This service allows users to search in all Ontario university and worldwide libraries to place requests for items that Brock does not own.

First-time users need to register & create a PIN. More information here.

Search RACER Now

Need help? Watch the RACER Set up and Simple Search video tutorial.