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ENTR 4P93: International Entrepreneurship

Target Country Analysis: Data Sources

The sources on this page will help you to identify the best countries or regions for your international business opportunity. If you have already chosen (or have been assigned) a country, you can start gathering intelligence on these topics:

Doing Business in ... Guides

The following sources are useful when researching business conditions in countries or regions (outside of Canada):

Best Bets!

Country Profiles and Risk Reports

Canadian International Trade Research Sources

The following resources contain a wealth of information and advice on international trade topics and are targeted at Canadians:

Other Resources:

Embassies, Consulates, and Investment Promotion Agencies

Valuable information on doing business in another country can often be found on governmental websites targeted at attracting foreign investment.

  • Some countries with embassies or consulates in Canada also have Canadian websites (so the information is in English and targeted specifically at Canadians).
  • Most countries will have a "Invest in Country Name" website with information on how to start a business, the most attractive sectors and markets for investment, and statistical data. 

Global Entrepreneurship Reports & Rankings

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Understanding Cultural Dimensions (Hofstede / GLOBE)

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