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Finding articles, books & background info on Marketing topics; advertising & mass media; market data sources; marketing plans; writing & citing help.

Academic Integrity & Plagiarism

Brock University's Academic Integrity Policy provides clear expectations for the ethical use of sources and examples of dishonest behaviors including "Using direct quotations or large sections of paraphrased material without acknowledgment" (See Appendix Two of the policy for a complete list).

How to Avoid Plagiarism

Some students might be confused about when to quote, when to paraphrase and how to avoid plagiarism. The following sources may provide additional insight into the difference between summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting and plagiarism, so that you can give appropriate credit for the sources that you rely on in your academic work.

Writing in Marketing & Advertising

Business Writing Guides

American Marketing Association Reference Style

Some authors may be asked to prepare references according to American Marketing Association (AMA) style. Please refer to the Accepted Manuscript Guidelines for the Journal of Marketing (published by the AMA) which includes general guidelines. 

Citing Business Sources in APA Style Guide

Theses guides include detailed examples of how to cite a wide variety of business and secondary data sources.

Citing Business Sources in Chicago Style

The following resources provide assistance in citing business sources according to the Chicago Manual of Style:

For additional assistance on citing sources, please consult the Library's Style Guides research guide.

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