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Scholarly Communication and Open Access

This guide offers information to support new modes of disseminating research via Open Access and new methods of measuring research impact.

Open Access journals

Open Access journals comprise a rapidly growing portion of the scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles published around the globe. 

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is the best way to find Open Access journals. You can search by keyword, subject, language, country, processing charges*, and copyright licensing e.g. CC-BY.

We can help you develop an Open Access journal to showcase your research!


*Publishing is not free: there are costs for journal hosting, copy-editing, production, etc. Some Open Access journals charge article processing fees to cover these costs, while others operate on different business models which do not charge authors to publish.


Tips on selecting a journal for publication

Top tips for evaluating a journal:

1. Go to the website for the journal/publisher.

  • Find the journals aims and scope -- do they fit your field?
  • Are policies on peer review publicly stated?
  • Who is on the editorial board? -- do you recognize them as experts in the subject?
  • Is information about copyright clearly available?
  • Look for information about where the journal is indexed, for example by aggregators such as EBSCO and/or subject databases such as PsycINFO.

2. Check the databases listed below for more information about a journal/publisher: