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Visual Arts

Find Quality Sources for your Paper


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SuperSearch is your best tool for finding books.

Limit to *books at Brock* by selecting "Books & Media @ Brock" from the left-hand side of the screen.

We Deliver

Get your book delivered to you at the MIWSFPA. Complete this form to have the book(s) you need delivered to you. 



I can't find anything on my photographer.

Use quotation marks around the name of your photographer to focus your search. eg. "Dorothea Lange" . This is called phrase searching and forces the database to find those two words next to each other, not distributed in an article.

Too many off-topic results?

If your photographer has a common name and you are finding too many unrelated items in your search, add a term to narrow things down: ex.  "Diane Arbus" photograph 

BonusUse an asterisk * (aka 'wild card') to include all possible endings for a root. Searching photograph* would retrieve photograph, photographs, photography, and photographer. 

Can I use this website in my paper?


  1. Currency: Is the information up-to-date? When was it posted? Last updated?
  2. Relevance: Does it relate to your topic? Is it written at an appropriate level?
  3. Authority: Is the author qualified to write about this topic? Look for 'About' pages.
  4. Accuracy: Is the information reliable, error-free, and supported by evidence?
  5. Purpose: Is the information presented objectively? Is the author trying to sell, entertain, or persuade?

These criteria can help you evaluate any materials, not just websites.

(If "CRAAP" is too silly for you, try "PARCA".)

Interlibrary Loan/ RACER

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What if Brock does not have the article I need?

RACER Interlibrary Loan allows users to search in all Ontario university and worldwide libraries to place requests for items that Brock does not own.

First-time users need to register & create a PIN. More information here.

Search RACER Now

Need help? Watch the RACER Set up and Simple Search video tutorial.

Chicago Style

Chicago Style is the required citation style used in the Department of Visual Arts.