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BEST Program Library Orientation

A library orientation and research guide for students in the Business English and Skills Transition Program

How to use this guide

This guide was created for students in the Business English and Skills Transition Program (BEST) to help you develop your library research skills so that you will be successful during your studies here at Brock University.

  • If you do not have much experience conducting library research, then I highly recommend that you start by reviewing our Research Foundations Tutorial, which is a self-paced, open course consisting of five lessons:
  1. Information Basics
  2. Begin Your Research
  3. Find Books & Media
  4. Find Articles
  5. Cite Your Sources

Information Basics  Begin Your Research  Find Books  Find Articles  Credit Sources

Are You New to Brock?

  • If you are new to Brock University, and you have not yet used our Library, you will need to learn to navigate our Library by taking a Virtual Library Tour so you know the 5Ws (Who, What, Where When, & Why).

Are You New to Business Research?

  • There are also Literature Review Research Tips related to finding information for your Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment, writing literature reviews and reports, using APA Style, and pitching your ideas.
  • Finally, you will find sources to help you build your Business vocabulary and increase your understanding of Business-related topics.

Welcome to the Brock University Library

Welcome in many languages