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Business Information Triangle

A guide to the business information ecosystem including company information, industry/market research, and business publications.

Business Information Triangle

The Business Information Triangle is a visual model for understanding the origin and flow of information about companies, industries and markets, and business publications. It was developed by Hal P. Kirkwood and published in the article "Towards a unified theory of business information" in the Business Information Review. 

Within in the Business Information Triangle there are three distinct, yet connected, information ecosystems:

  • Company Information Ecosystem: this includes information generated by companies (press releases, white papers, websites, annual reports, etc.) and information collected about companies and published in directories, company profiles, investment analyst reports, etc. 
  • Industry / Market Research Information Ecosystem: this ecosystem provides information on the broader industry that a company operates in, and may be organized by a number of different classification systems (e.g., NAICS, GICS, etc.). Industry data is compiled from company sources, government statistics, associations, and other sources and used in industry overviews and market research reports. 
  • Business Publications Information Ecosystem: this includes company-created white papers, research-based working papers and peer-reviewed journal articles and non-peer-reviewed articles in magazines, trade journals, newspapers, and other business publications.

This guide was inspired by Auburn University Library's Business Information Triangle subject guide.

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