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Business English & Communication

A brief guide to sources on Business English & communication: dictionaries, general writing; business writing; citing sources, creating graphics; presentations & public speaking; theses & dissertations; meetings & etiquette.

Getting Started


This is a brief guide to resources that can help you fine tune your Business English and communication skills including essay writing, business report writing, reflective writing, technical writing, public speaking and presentations, graphics and data visualization. Other topics include planning and conducting business meetings, intercultural communication, and business etiquette.

Finding Books on Business Communication Topics

You can easily identify books and videos on topics related Business English and Communications by searching Omni (Brock Library's academic search tool) by subject using some of these subject headings:

  • Business communication

  • Business presentations

  • Business report writing

  • Business writing

  • Communication in management

  • Communication in marketing

  • Communication in organizations

  • Proposal writing in business

Here are a few key book titles: