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Sustainability Science and Society

The Sustainability Science and Society program addresses the interactions between social and ecological systems with new perspectives and academic approaches.

Finding books ebooks reports and documents

Books cover significantly content, provide background and context, present analysis and breadth of scope for research essays. Use SuperSearch to find textbooks, print and ebooks available at Brock; use WorldCat and other databases to identify alternate books not in our library which can be obtained using the Interlibrary Loans / RACER service.

Use Linda Lowry's Government and Legal Information Guide to find  federal, provincial, municipal and international government information, Hansard, regulations, statutes, bills, journals, parimentary documents, and legal materials including patents, standards and safety information 

Search for government documents, reports and papers using Google searching allintitle:keyword filetype:PDF e.g. allintitle:"public policy" filetype:PDF

Increasingly, texbooks and open books are being published for the university community:

Political Science (Open Educational Resources)

Political Science (ecampus Ontario)

List of Political Science OERs (Humbolt State University)

Political Science (BCcampus OpenEd)

Theses & Dissertations databases

Theses (Masters) and dissertations (PhD) are essential sources of information for emergent areas of research and scholarly communication. Different search engines and databases provide both unique and overlapping coverage of these types of documents.