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Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD

Setting up Journal Alerts

How to create a journal alert:

  1. Check the website for your journal - does it offer Table of Content alerts?

  2. If no, use the journal title search in the library catalogue  to find your journal.

  3. Choose a database for access, one that offers continuous coverage - each database will be different in terms of how to set up an alert - *most will ask that you create an account.

Creating Search Alerts

When you have crafted a great search, create an alert to let it run behind the scenes!  Most databases will let you create an alert of your search, and notify you via RSS or email when new results appear.



Citation Alerts

You can also choose to be notified when an article is cited.  This is useful for authors and also for articles that have significance for your research.

Web of Science and JSTOR offer simple options for citation alerts.  You can also choose to do a simple title search in SuperSearch (using quotes) and set up an alert, based on the search.