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Article databases

Choosing an article can be tricky so follow the course term paper guidelines found on Sakai.

Trying different databases using keywords e.g. environment* and/or phrases e.g. "food additives" searching in different search fields e.g. article titles can improve the number and relevancy of articles to browse.

Filtering by publication date is essential e.g. 2019+. It is unfortunate that filtering by article 'page length' is not possible, presuming a shorter, but not too short article would be nice, 5-8 pages. Be sure to use individual database search and limiting features when appropriate. Browse when attempting to find an article, modify your search strategy, and take advantage of marking individual articles into a folder, cite for citations and exploring/downloading/emailing citations.

This can be tricky and why we call it "the art of online searching."

There are several services that translate journal name abbreviations to full names including All That JAS, Web of Science Journal Title Abbreviations, and Brock Library's Journals (just enter abbreviation - full name will come out if found).

Omni FAQs can help get you started. 

How can I Tell if a Journal is Scholarly? Guide/Video

What is Peer Review? Guide/Video

Databases and tips below are to help find your article. Students can use one or several databases to find articles that meet the criteria for your assignments. We suggest using Omni and recommend that consult the guide and watch the "Meet Omni" video prior to searching.

Getting Stared - Omni Search Tips