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Research Help Training Program: Spring 2019

Documentation supporting the May-June 2019 research help training, as part of the Blended Service Desk Transition

Overview & The Reference Interview Part I

Instructor: Monica & Laurie
Location: Classroom B
Date: May 7, 2-3:30

Session A Learning Outcomes

"Recognize and describe the elements of an effective reference interview."

"Demonstrate the attributes of an effective reference interview: visibility/ approachability, interest, listening/ inquiring." (Searching and follow-up will be covered in a session D.)



In preparation, please read the Introduction and Sections 1.0-3.2.1 of RUSA's Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference and Information Service Providers.  No need to read sections 4 and 5 at this time.
Consider: In what ways does this already describe what we do? In what ways is it different? What stood out for you? 


Session A Agenda:

Link to Slides

  1. Overview of the program & What to expect from in-class sessions
  2.  Discussion:
    > Observations and reflections from shadowing, conversations with mentors
    > Transitioning to a 'culture' of reference
    > Reflections from the RUSA reading
  3. Presentation:  Reference Interview Strategies 
  4. Practice: Using anonymized chat transcripts, we will work individually to identify examples of approachability, interest, and inquiring. Pair up and discuss your findings. Share with the group and reflect on what appeared effective & any missed opportunities. 
  5. Wrap-Up, Practice questions for self-study. 
    > Transcripts Exercise continued
    > Observations & reflections from working at the desk
    > Read Karen's slides in preparation for next week
  6. Bridge to Session B & Request for feedback