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Research Help Training Program: Spring 2019

Documentation supporting the May-June 2019 research help training, as part of the Blended Service Desk Transition

The Information Cycle

Instructor: Karen

Session B Learning Outcome:

 "Differentiate between undergraduate-level research sources in the following ways:  Primary, secondary, tertiary; Scholarly vs. popular; Discipline-specific preferences (ex, books for the Humanities)."

Session B Agenda:

1. Debrief from Session A

2. Presentation:  The PowerPoint slides for this session are above.   Please take a few minutes to look them over before the session.  Feel free to bring any comments or questions about these topics to the session.  (This is so we can have the Presentation part be more of a conversation and less of a lecture :) 

3. Practice: This is a discussion and sharing activity since we are in Classroom B (i.e. not hands-on).  We will be working on sample reference questions, not to answer them, but to identify what type of source might best answer them.  Points to discuss for each question include:  Where on the information cycle would the answer probably be?  What format of information would probably answer this question best? (ex. book or journal article)  Are they asking for a primary, secondary, or tertiary source?  Would a popular or scholarly source be better?  What academic discipline is this question probably from?

4. Bridge to Session C