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Research Help Training Program: Spring 2019

Documentation supporting the May-June 2019 research help training, as part of the Blended Service Desk Transition

Keyword Searching Strategies & Database Tools

Instructor: Heather & Laurie
Location: Classroom A
Date: Tuesday, 28 May, 1:00-2:30

Link to slides

Session C Learning Outcome:

Practice effective keyword searching strategies.
Demonstrate familiarity with the use of common database tools and functionality (ex. facets, limiters, exporting records, permalink, search help).

Session C Agenda:

1. Debrief from Session B

2. Presentation:  Discussion of search activity using google, google scholar, and SuperSearch; review of keyword strategies and tips.

3. Practice: We'll work with sample reference questions to try different keywords and keyword strategies, and also explore some of the functions common to most research databases (search limits, citation tools, saving results, etc.)

4. Bridge to Session D