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SPMA 4P97 — Advanced Analysis of the Sport Industry: Hockey

Resources for SPMA 4P97


Sport Management journals are included in many databases and in Omni, the Library's search engine. The list of journals below is a sample of what the library contains and is not exhaustive. Follow the subsequent steps for searching for and within additional journals using Omni's Journal Search tool.

Find Journals

For your assignments, you may be asked to search for articles published within specific journals. Follow the steps below to find journals.

From the Omni header, click on Journal Search:


Then type in the title of the journal you are searching for:


Click on the Available Online link. You will be redirected to the hosting databases lower on the page.

​In the case of this title, it's available in multiple databases: 


Select a database to access the journal. You will be prompted to login with your Brock credentials:


Once you've entered your login information, the database site will open. You can then search within your selected journal publication for your topic/keywords: