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Computer Science

Patents & Standards

Patents are digital resources authored by individuals, companies, and/or research teams to give the holder exclusive rights to a process, design or new invention for a designated period of time. Patent databases and individual patents are usually free to read and download. They are important documents for currency and historical reasons. A list of patent databases is available for searching with full text patents usually available for downloading. 

Queen's University Michael White is a librarian with patent expertise and has created a guide for all things patents. Check it out for sources, information and data. 

Standards are digital resources produced by societies and/or agencies that document procedures, equipment, specifications and related information. Standard databases are usually free to browse, but acquiring individual standards usually involves a fee. A list of standard search engines and issuing associations if available for searching. The Brock Library is attempting to acquire access to a selective list of databases that provide full-text resources. Contact the Library if you need to order a standard, can't find the standard needed, or need further help.

Key Patent databases