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Computer Science

Brock University COSC major? Here's some stuff to help out with the programming & assignments.

Search for Resources

While it is possible to just Google information about a new language, I find the best way to learn is by looking at a book about it. Omni our new academic research tool has a listing of all of our books

Some books on programming languages

Interesting Topics in Computer Science

Besides resources for progamming the Library Catalogue has a large collection of other books to help you explore topics in Computers. This includes Networks, Operating Systems, Web Development, Security, Mobile Development plus many others.  Below are a few books that explore some of these fields

Code Repositories & Git Hub


Finding code to reuse and extend can be helpful in learning about programming.  Code repositories like GitHub provides a huge database of open source software that can be remixed and developed by anyone.  Use the information you find here to make yourself a better programmer, never pass off someone else's code as your own.

I have a few repositories on the site too.



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