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Political Science

Resources for research

Scholarly Resources

SuperSearch (EBSCO) databases include articles from Academic Search Complete, Social Sciences Citation Index, America: History & Life, Historical Abstracts and other databases. ProQuest databases PAIS Index, Political Science Database, ProQuest Sociology Collection, and Worldwide Political Science Abstracts can be searched individually or as a group. Academic OneFileGoogle Scholar  can be searched individually, but should be searched to include Brock Library links to articles. 

There are several services that translate journal name abbreviations to full names including All That JAS, Web of Science Journal Title Abbreviations, and Brock Library's A_Z List of Journals (just enter abbreviation - full name will come out if found).

News & Media Resources

News and media databases provide articles on all topics, give opinion, background, quotes, etc. and many times provide unique content not found in other databases to include Canadian magazines, newswire, newspaper, and editorials. Search ProQuest databases CBCA and Canadian Major Dailies separately or together, CPI.Q for unique content, and consult the list of alternate News Databases to search individual newspapers e.g. St. Catharines Standard, historical newspapers e.g. Globe & Mail, New York Times, Time (London), and regional papers. Search LexisNexis and Factiva to find regional, Canadian and international real time, full text articles. Be sure to consult the appropriate guide to make sure you know how best to search.

Additional Resources

You might also take a look at the longer list of political science databases available to members of the Brock University community.