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Oenology & Viticulture

Article databases

There are several different databases the provide access to research, news and the trade literature. Although most databases overlap varying content it is prudent to start with interdisciplinary databases and filter search results. Searching databases that allow for searching text in full-text articles will provide unique results. Subject-specific databases provide additional content not found in other databases.

Many different overlapping databases also individually provide access to unique scholarly and peer-reviewed content. Consult figshare to find papers and separate figures, tables and charts of interest. 

Search for papers, reports, etc. using intitle:keyword filetype:PDF e.g. allintitle:"wine chemistry" filetype:PDF

There are several services that translate journal name abbreviations to full names including All That JAS, Web of Science Journal Title Abbreviations, and Brock Library's Journals (just enter abbreviation - full name will come out if found).

New databases to the Brock Library include Google ScholarMicrosoft AcademicDimensionsCOREBASEPaperitySciELOSemantic Scholar, & Zenodo.