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Recreation & Leisure Studies

Data and statistics

Data and statistics are often used interchangeably. But there are some distinctions between the two terms. Generally:

  • Data - is the raw information from which statistics are created
  • Statistics - interpret and summarize data

Niagara Resources

Data and statistics

  • Census of Canada - Statistics Canada (some data at census tract level)
  • Public Health Agency of Canada -- see links to Reports and Publications on left-hand navigation menu
  • odesi  -- This service from Scholars Portal provides access to Statistics Canada datasets, datafiles from Gallup Canada and other polling companies, public-domain files such as the Canadian National Election Surveys, and selected files from ICPSR. A variety of tutorials are available to assist users. Brock faculty, staff and students only.

Niagara data: mapped

The University Map Library has created maps for Niagara region displaying information such as population, age, employment rate, ethnicity, income and other demographic information. They can be downloaded as PDFs from:


Map library staff also offer extensive geo-spatial services including data and mapping consultations; map library computers are equipped with GIS software including ArcGIS and Google Earth.