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Mathematical problems are essential for improving skill and practice for exams in many different areas of mathematics and statistics. There are a variety of ever changing Internet, e-book and print resources that provide problems with answers. Search the Brock Library Catalogue using keywords:

  • for introductory texts that include end of chapter problem sets i.e.introduct* real analysis.
  • include the term "problems" and an addition keyword that describes your area of interest i.e. problems algebra.
  • search the keyword "Schaum*" and an additional keyword to identify print  Shaum's problem solving book of interest i.e. Schaum* differential.
  • Master Math - to identify an online problems e-book

A huge set of online digital problem ebooks complete with answers for all levels and subject areas is the McGraw-Hill eBook Library. This database has over 300 online digital PDF ebooks, practice tests, review guides, and help with mathematics and statistics in other subject areas e.g. physics. Click on this database and search by keyword(s) e.g. algebra or phrases e.g. "differential equations" to identify and use any number of McGraw-Hill and Schaum problem ebooks. 

How to Study as a Mathematics Major (2013)

How to Study for a Mathematics Degree (2013)

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