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News & Media Resources

News and media databases provide articles on all topics, give opinion, background, quotes, etc. and many times provide unique content not found in other databases to include Canadian magazines, newswire, newspaper, and editorials. Search ProQuest databases CBCA and Canadian Major Dailies separately or together, CPI.Q for unique content, and consult the list of alternate News Databases to search individual newspapers e.g. St. Catharines Standard, historical newspapers e.g. Globe & Mail, New York Times, Time (London), and regional papers. Search Nexis Uni (LexisNexis) and/or Factiva to find real time, international, comprehensive coverage that interestingly at times includes regional, local, and Canadian fulltext articles. Reach out for assistance as these databases may not be as easy to use and require a bit of practice. The Library can help identify, download and cite news and media content for your paper, research or general interest. 

Top 10 Canadian Newspapers

Google News (Canada)