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Background Information

Struggling with a term that your Sociology professor used in class? Unfamiliar with a topic or not sure where to start your research? Before heading to Omni or a database, try the following resources first to help you find background information on your topic. Search all database aggregators one at a time, truly amazing and don't forget to cite references!


Search Omni to find encyclopedias on a wide variety of social issues, theories, populations, subjects, genres, and social problems. Search using keywords e.g. encyclop* gender* (* means truncation, keywords with different endings) Here are a few general encyclopedias.


Search Omni to find dictionaries, handbooks and critical works to define terms, find definitions and quotes for essays and assignments. Don't forget to cite properly!


Search Omni to find many excellent handbooks with scholarly peer-reviewed articles that summarize, provide an overview, definitions and citations to follow up. Search Omni using Handbook and keywords from sociology e.g. gender to find handbooks of interest.