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Canadian Studies

Early printed works

Early printed works can be found in the following databases:

General databases

Primary sources in books

Many primary sources have been gathered and published in books.

To find these, search for your topic and one or more of the following search terms:

  • personal narratives
  • sources
  • diaries
  • letters
  • correspondence
  • interviews


SuperSearch box with the entry: confederation and canada and sources

Be sure to limit your search results to "books." 

View the results of this search, or try for yourself.

Archival Sources at Brock

Brock's Special Collection houses a number of resources that may be relevant to research in Canadian Studies. 

In a Catalogue search, enter "Brock University Libray. Archives" as the Author and your research topic as an "Any Field" search:


Library catalogue advanced search page with Brock University. Archives as the author and and niagara power as an all fields search

View the results of this search, or try for yourself