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Welcome to the Library Research Guide for WGST 2P90: Women's Issues: Sexuality, Class, Ethnicity. Use the boxes below to help you in your assignments for this course. Want to learn more? Try the Library Research Guide for Women's and Gender Studies.

Are you completing the Library Assignment quiz for WGST/SOCI 2P90? Try the WGST Library Assignment Tutorial.

Article databases: Best Bets

Need help with searching?

Websites: Women's Issues: Sexuality, Class, Ethnicity

Finding articles

Once you have chosen a database, brainstorm some search terms and enter them in the search boxes. Some tips:

  • Combine concepts using AND (women AND health)
  • Combine synonyms or similar concepts using OR (women OR female)
  • Use * to truncate (canad* will find canada, canadian, etc.)
  • use quotation marks to search for a phrase ("body image"; "reproductive health")
  • You don't have to use all your keywords in the first search. You can always add more keywords later. More search strategies.

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Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals

Some scholarly journals are peer-reviewed or refereed.  This means that the articles have been critiqued and evaluated by other researchers and experts in the field.

Also see: Peer-reviewed, popular magazine, or journal? (Brock Library)

What are primary sources?

Primary sources are works that are created at the time of an event or by someone who experienced the event. Examples include letters, diaries, interviews, photographs, video, newspapers, public records, and music.  More:

Critically evaluating sources