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User Experience (UX) Working Group

What is Task Flow Analysis, and why should I care?

Task Flows are a UX method that can help us to:

  • Identify all the steps required to successfully complete a particular task (eg. checking out a book)
  • Identify "pain points" for the user (and for staff!)
  • Take a holistic view: Recognize external factors that a user may also face
  • Help us have empathy for our users

Task Flows can be used:

  • By project teams that focus on user services
  • To inform decision-making
  • To approach departmental functions from a user workflow perspective
  • To revisit established processes and procedures with new eyes
  • To bring different staff perspectives to the table

Have you noticed pain points in a task flow? Submit them!

Oct. 30, 2014 - All staff workshop


1) UX Team Update:

  • Findings from the Get It User Interface Project
  • Library User-Communication Channels Inventory Project - 
  • Future UX projects

2) Identifying “pain points” through Task Flow Analysis 

In Action

January 15, 2015 - CIRC Staff Workshop

self check out task flowrenew a book task flowborrow a book task flow

Task Flow for Returning a Book

Task Flow for Checking Out a Reserve Item

Task Flow for Making an Interlibrary Loan Request