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How to Create a Research Poster

Reproduced with the permission of the author Ingrid Redman of Bern Dibner Library of Science and Technology.

Before you Print:

  1. Double check for spelling and grammar mistakes (ask a friend - a new set of eyes is more likely to catch errors).
  2. Make sure your poster is sized correctly and your images are not pixelated.
  3. Give yourself enough time to have your poster printed (and reprinted if you find a mistake). Don't wait until the last minute!

Large Format Printing at the Library

Print your poster with Copying and Printing Services on the 5th floor of the Library.

Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday

Paper sizes 24”, 36” and 42” widths, in any length.

Follow these guidelines to have a poster printed:

  • Fill out the request form,( Online, or print and fill out the PDF form). Once the form is submitted, send your file on CD, USB stick, or as an e-mail attachment to:
  • Best Practice: Save as PDF before printing. (File formats accepted include JPEG, .pub GIF, TIFF, .ppt, .psd, .pdf, .png & more)
  • Please note: After submission of print job, staff will review file and provide you with an estimated charge prior to the file being printed.
  • Normal turnaround time: Next business day, if received by 3:00pm

Visit the Price List page for available paper types & cost details.


More information: Copying and Printing Services

Questions? Email

Presenting your Poster

student presenting a poster

Raymond Akong elaborates on his Chemistry poster presentation at the Mapping the New Knowledges conference. (Brock News)

poster conference

Graduate students at 2010 Mapping New Knowledges conference (Brock News)