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ECON 2P10: United States Economic History

A guide to information sources for your term paper which includes tips on finding background information, books, articles, and statistics on your essay topic. There are also tips on evaluating sources, essay writing, and citing sources.

Find eBook Content On Your Topic

You can use Omni, our academic search tool, to find ebooks, ebook chapters, and reference entries about your topic. Here's how:

  1. You can find Omni on the Brock University Library home page.
  2. Click on the link to go to Omni's Advanced Search.

Omni Advanced Search Link on Library Home Page

3. You may sign in using the link in the upper right hand corner of the Omni menu. Enter your search terms into the Advance Search Boxes, for example: Any field contains: Prohibition AND any field contains: Alcohol AND any field contains: United States. You can limit the search by resource type now (e.g., Books & eBooks), or later, from the search results screen. Some resource type filters (e.g., book chapters or reference entries) are only available from the search results screen.

Omni Search Strategy example for Prohibition


4. Some books may only be available in print format in the Library, but if you live near campus, you can request a book for pickup. Anyone can request a scan of a chapter of a book, as shown below. Note: you must be signed in with your Brock username and password to see these options in Omni.

Print book example with request options in Omni

5. Some books may be available online via one of our ebook databases (e.g., Project Muse).


6. Some print books are available online via the Hathi Trust Emergency Temporary Access Service, as noted below.

Book on Prohibition with Hathi ETAS link