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ECON 2P10: United States Economic History

A guide to information sources for your term paper which includes tips on finding background information, books, articles, and statistics on your essay topic. There are also tips on evaluating sources, essay writing, and citing sources.

What are primary sources?

Primary sources refer to documents or artifacts created during a particular period of time, and may include these categories:

  • personal documents: letters, diaries, newspapers, pamphlets, and other first person accounts of events
  • social documents: government documents such as censuses or other organizational records
  • diplomatic sources: laws, treaties, etc.

Adapted from: Crelin, J. (2013). Primary source. In Salem Press Encyclopedia Research Starters. 

Finding Primary Sources on U.S. Economic History

1. You can search for your topic in Omni (e.g., Civil War AND Reconstruction) and limit the results by Resource Type to Archival Material / Manuscripts.


2. Consult one or more of the following Library Databases which contain a variety of types of primary sources that are relevant for this course:

Other Primary Source Collections