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The "Go-To" Guide for background information on everything and anything! Find your Faculty for information in your subject area.

Getting Started

What is E-Reference?

Electronic Reference materials are sources of information in the form of online encyclopedias, dictionaries, timelines, handbooks, and guides. These resources provide reliable and accurate quick facts, definitions, and background information on any topic.


Why use E-Reference Sources?

Explore E-Reference databases and resources to build a foundational knowledge of any topic for research projects or assignments. E-Reference sources are like the “nuts-&-bolts” of any topic.


When to use E-Reference:

Start with E-Reference sources at the beginning of any research project or assignment to gather background information on concepts, theories, historical events, people, places, and much more. You may cite E-Reference sources when referring to facts, dates, biographical information, and more.


Explore individual subject-area Research Guides, watch library tutorials and other resources for help or connect with your liaison librarian. We can help!


Explore these multi-disciplinary E-Reference sources to get started!