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Exam Survival Guide

Library & campus resources to support students during exam time

Welcome to the Exam Survival Guide!


From academics, to physical and mental well-being, this guide is full of resources from the Library and our campus partners to support you at the end of term and during exams. At exam time and always, do your best, and forget the rest.

Research Help

The Library and A-Z Learning Services have resources to assist you in the researching, writing, and citing of your take-home exams and final projects.

Do you have research questions related to your final assignments?
Chat with a librarianemail us (, or book an appointment with a librarian.

Library Yoga

Take a mindful movement study break with Library Yoga! These beginner-friendly yoga sessions made by a librarian/yoga instructor range from 2-30 minutes in length. They are tailored to address the stress and physical impact of working online and can be done right in your workspace. No experience and no fancy-pants (AKA yoga pants) are required!

Reading. Just for Fun

Book covers from the hundreds of wellness titles and popular bestsellers on the main floor



Click the link below to explore wellness titles, popular bestsellers and classic favourites.

It's reading - just for fun. 

Curling up with a good book can be a great way to unwind and learn something new!

Badger Books Collection



Colour Your World


Our colouring sheets are a perennial favourite. 
      Choose from several different designs located in the racks next to the Ask Us desk.

     Colouring pencils are available to loan
for 24 hours at a time.

      We also recommend these online colouring sites:

  Colouring from Michael O'Mara Books

Online Collaborative Painting

Puzzle it Out

Puzzles including sudoku, crossword, word search and jjigsaw   There's nothing like a good word puzzle
to reset a tired brain. Perhaps numbers,
and logic are more your thing. Or, a jigsaw.

   Whatever you are into, the links below will take you to a variety of great brain teasers.

All Star Puzzles

Jigsaw Planet

Brock Archives site on Jigsaw Planet