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MBAB 5P04: Organizational Behaviour and Design

What are Academic Sources?

Library with academic sources insideYour professor may have asked you to use academic, scholarly, or peer reviewed sources in your research assignment. Here are some tips on how to recognize these sources:

OB & HR Scholarly Journals

  • Research on organizational behavior topics may appear in a wide variety of academic journals spanning a variety of related disciplines from applied psychology to management.
  • The best way to determine if a journal  is relevant is to look at the "Aims and Scope", which typically appears on the "home page" of the journal on the publisher's web site.
  • Here are just a few suggestions of relevant journals, to get you started:

OB & HR Practitioner Journals

What are Practitioner Journals?

  • These are journals aimed at an audience of practicing managers (also known as practitioners), rather than at an audience of academic researchers.
  • Articles published in these titles are written in accessible language, so they are easier to read and understand,  and focus on the practical implications of academic research findings.
  • Some, but not all, practitioner journals are peer-reviewed. 

Recommended Library Databases