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MBAB 5P04: Organizational Behaviour and Design

Identify Trends & Issues in Organizational Behaviour & Design

Identifying TrendsSources & strategies to identify emerging trends and cutting edge issues in Organizational Behaviour:

  • Look for insights from Organizational Behavior thought leaders
  • Scan recent headlines of professional magazines that cover Organizational Behaviour issues

What is a Thought Leader?

  • A thought leader is "one whose views on a subject are taken as authoritative and influential". (New Oxford American Dictionary, 3rd ed.).

Who are thought leaders in Organizational Behavior?

  • Thought leaders in Organizational Behavior may be individual practitioners, consultants, or academic researchers.
  • Thought leaders may also be found in organizations such as "think tanks". A think tank is "a body of experts providing advice on specific political or economic problems" (Oxford Dictionary of English, 3rd ed.).

Management Consulting Firms

  • Some management consulting firms may include aspects of OBHR in their practice including Human Capital, Talent Management, Total Rewards, or other keywords.
    • These firms may offer insights into topical & cutting edge workplace issues based on their own consulting assignments, on employee and executive surveys, or other research studies, and often publish the results on their websites.
    • Look for studies that include details on the methodology, so that you can assess the quality of the information provided.

Think Tanks & Other Organizations

Professional Magazines