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MBAB 5P60: Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations

Key sources for your industry analysis assignment

Key Databases for Industry Analysis

Industry and market research reports can be useful starting points for your industry analysis. There are many sources available - here are my top picks!

Additional sources are noted on the Company & Industry research guide.

Key Databases for Company Analysis

These are my top picks as starting points for researching Top 20 Fortune 500 Technology public companies. Some of these databases also contain private company profiles. 

Additional sources are noted on the Company & Industry Research guide.

Tips for Researching Unicorns (Private Companies)

  • Fortune Magazine's Unicorn List was published in 2016. Since then, a number of firms many have been acquired or have "gone public" including Snapchat (now known as Snap Inc.) and Dropbox.
  • The best way to verify the current status of a company is to do some research on a reputable Business news site. 
  • You can investigate the historical background of your company and get updated on the current state of the industry by finding newspaper, magazine, and journal articles that mention your company or its competitors.
  • Key research tools include news databases such as Factiva or Nexis Uni, as well as Business-focused databases such as the Business Premium Collection (ProQuest), or Business Source Complete (Ebscohost).  

The following websites may be used to track down additional details on private companies: