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MSCM 5P03 Empirical Finance I

Information and data sources for investment research

Finding Journal Articles From a Reading or Reference List

Step One:

Look at the reference in your reading list or reference list and identify the Journal Title. If you are not sure, you can consult this Anatomy of a Journal Article Reference diagram to figure it out.

Step Two:

Use the A-Z List of Journals tool on the Library web site to look up the journal title and find an online link. 

Sometimes a journal is available from multiple sources, such as this example, in Scholars Portal and Elsevier Science Direct.

Step Three:

Find the specific article you need. There are several options, depending on where the journal is located online. For example, you can browse by Date (the Issue List) to locate the one which contains your specific article, or you can search within the full text of the journal for the Article Title, as shown in this example:

Tips for Scholars Portal

Step Four:

Locate a PDF copy of the article for downloading and printing.

PDF Download Example