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MSCM 5P32: Capital Market Research in Accounting

A brief guide to information and data sources for conducting market-based accounting research

Data Source / Platform Access Notes

Data Source / Platform

Access Notes

  Guides & Tutorials                                        

Audit Analytics

- Register individually as a New User using your Brock University email address and follow the directions to complete self-registration. 

- OR access via WRDS 

- Brock subscribes to the Audit & Compliance and Corporate & Legal Modules

Bloomberg Professional

(Bloomberg Terminal)

- Temporarily available remotely via Bloomberg Disaster Recovery 

- Student accounts must be individually approved by the Associate Dean, Research of the GSB upon recommendation of their professor or advisor.

- Instructions posted on the Bloomberg Professional Research Guide

- Bloomberg Professional Research Guide
Datastream via WRDS

- access via WRDS account holder access or day pass access methods

- includes equities, commodities, futures, and economic time series data

S&P Capital IQ Platform

- access via website

- also has Excel add-in

- individual user IDs

- on & off-campus access

- Academic Resource Center (S&P Global Market Intelligence)
Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

- via website

- via programming software (SAS, R, etc.)

- individual user IDs

- on & off-campus access

- Wharton Research Data Services Research Guide


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