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Heather Whipple

Data/Liaison Librarian
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Heather Whipple
The "Book a Consultation" calendar does not show all the times I am available. Please email me if none of the appointment options there work for you, so we can find another time. As of 23 March 2020 consultations will be by email, phone, or audio/video chat.
905.688.5550 x4880
Schmon Tower 1136
Library Help

Research Guides for Classics, Data & Statistics, English, Geography & Tourism Studies, Government & Law, Interdisciplinary Humanities, Labour Studies, Political Science, and Sustainability Science and Society.
Support for GIS, Geospatial Data & Maps
As Data Librarian, I can help identify and locate statistics and datasets as well as advise researchers on managing their data. I'm also the librarian responsible for government and legal information.

2019-2020: also responsible for Maps, Geospatial Information, and GIS.

As Liaison Librarian, I select materials and work with students and faculty in Environmental Sustainability, Geography & Tourism Studies, Labour Studies, Political Science, and Sustainability Studies and Society.

Winter 2020: also working with Classics, English, and Interdisciplinary Humanities.

My Guides

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Apr 13, 2020 447
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Mar 10, 2020 3
Mar 10, 2020 2
Jan 31, 2020 5
May 28, 2020 946
May 28, 2020 1149
May 28, 2020 1486
Apr 9, 2020 350