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Scholarly Publishing Guide

Information to help faculty and students decide how to disseminate their research and track their impact

Your scholarly profile

What is an "academic profile"?

"I think about the academic profile as a narrative. It is a narrative of the scholar we are and the scholar we want to be. Put more simply, an academic profile is a story we tell to ourselves and to other people and organizations. Our profile story focuses on the kind of scholarly work we have done, can do and hope to do in the future. ... It brings together our various experiences, publications, networks, teaching and professional relationships." -- Pat Thomson, Professor of Education in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham 

Organizing and publicizing your scholarly profile can bring crucial benefits to you and your research including:

  • enhancing opportunities to connect and collaborate with other scholars and/or community members interested in your work
  • creating a comprehensive collection of your work, experience and interests for use in promotion and tenure

Here are some great tools to help you create the kind of scholarly profile you want.


Academic Social Networking

An increasingly popular platform for sharing research and enhancing collaboration among like-minded researchers by promoting connections via online platforms such as Mendeley, and Research Gate. Users create online profiles, post/link to their publications and follow others with similar research interests.  

  • Research Gate ​
  • 11M+ members – highest use in sciences; strong presence of Brock researchers
    • 31M users – highest use in social sciences, humanities
  • Mendeley ​
    • 3+ million users