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Library resources to support student wellness


Here at the library, we know that being a student and conducting research can be tough. In this guide, we've gathered together some of our favourite wellness resources to support you. Scroll through for recommended books, yoga sessions, and other collected resources from the Brock University community.

Exam Survival Guide

Library Yoga

Take a mindful movement study break with Library Yoga! These beginner-friendly yoga sessions made by a librarian/yoga instructor range from 2-30 minutes in length. They are tailored to address the stress and physical impact of working online and can be done right in your workspace. No experience and no fancy-pants (AKA yoga pants) are required!

View the Library Yoga playlist on the Brock University Library's YouTube channel

Other Campus Resources

There are many wellness supports available to you on campus at Brock. Check out these links to campus organizations and resources you may find helpful:

Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre

A-Z Learning Services

  • Offers peer-to-peer academic support under Student Life and Success
  • Hosts many events on ExperienceBU, including: "Exam Preparation", "Build a 5-Day Study Plan", "Increasing Concentration and Focus", "Growing through Challenge: More than a Positive Outlook"