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Datastream Professional

A guide to the content and functionality of Thomson Reuters Datastream Professional - a key research tool for accounting, finance, economics, and business research.

What is Datastream?

Datastream Professional is a financial research database produced by Thomson Reuters. It is one of the most comprehensive sources of international financial data which includes: 

  • A wide variety of financial instruments including equities, equity indices, unit trusts (mutual funds), investment trusts, bonds, bond indices, commodities, futures, warrants, options, and credit default swaps.
  • A vast amount of economic data including interest rates, exchange rates and other time series data.
  • Fundamental company accounts data (financial statement items and financial ratios) from Worldscope.
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) data from ASSET4.
  • Reuters news, commentary, and analysis.

 Our access to Datastream changed effective April 1st, 2017. Datastream Professional (the online site) will continue to be accessible via Internet Explorer. However, students who want to download time series data from Datastream via the Datastream for Office (DFO) Excel add-in will be limited to on-campus computers. 

Further details will be posted here as soon as they are available.

Please direct any questions regarding Datastream to Linda Lowry using the contact information listed under my profile.

Getting Help & Technical Troubleshooting

Customer and technical support for Datastream is available via the Thomson Reuters website.   You may submit a query online, or contact Thomson Reuters by phone (1-877-814-3571 or 1-800-738-8377).