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Eikon with Datastream

What is Eikon?

Eikon is a financial market research platform used by financial market professionals to access financial market data, news, and other content including:

  • Reuters News
  • Global pricing and market data
  • Company Fundamentals
  • Commodity data and research
  • Investment/brokerage research reports
  • IBES estimates
  • ESG data
  • Datastream (via Eikon  Desktop or the Datastream for Office Excel Add-in). 
    • Worldscope Fundamentals
    • Economic data covering 165 countries

Brock University Library has one Eikon user id and password, which can be used on the Eikon workstation located in the Matheson Learning Commons on the main floor of the James A. Gibson Library.

Fact Sheets:

Eikon - Promotional Videos

Eikon - Intelligent search (0:55)

Eikon News - from Reuters and third party sources (1:45)