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Geography Research Guide

This guide is intended to help you find relevant resources and materials for papers and other projects:

                                                             Image supplied by Regional Municipality of Niagara, 2010

Searching Geographically

To find material in SuperSearch or another database that's not just about your topic but also consider it from a geographical perspective, you might try adding one of these terms to your search:

  • geograph* - this kind of search, called "truncation," will find all words that begin with "geograph": geography, geographical, geographer, etc.
  • spatial - the word "space" (and also "place") is used so frequently in all subjects that it rarely helps you identify results most relevant to geography. You'll have better luck with "spatial."

Geography is so interdisciplinary, it can be a challenge to find what you're looking for. If you're having trouble sorting through search results to identify sources relevant to geography, I'm happy to help suggest additional search tips and strategies.