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Mathematics & Statistics Research Guide


       Welcome to the Mathematics & Statistics Research Guide! 

PLEASE NOTE: Ian Gordon is on leave and will return in January 2020. My name is Laurie Morrison and I am filling in for Ian. You can reach me at

My name is Ian Gordon and I am the Liaison Librarian for Mathematics and Statistics. Please browse the adjacent tabs that include lists of Library books, e-books, full-text databases and selected Internet web resources.

If you need further assistance with accessing or using any of these resources please book an appointment using the red "Schedule Appointment" tab located on the bottom left hand side of this page, e-mail or phone me at 905 688 5550 ext. 3727.

Search MathSciNet using the MathSciNet EBSCO/SuperSearch interface which allows you to search, cite, push to Zotero, search across fields e.g. titles/subjects/abstracts all at once, create alerts, etc. searching the identical content as the AMS version, just easier to use, try it out. 

Most often utilized resources in this guide include MathSciNet, Google Scholar, WorldCat, MathWorld, and the citation management tool Zotero.