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Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

An overview of the WRDS platform and available data sets.

How to Access the WRDS website

There are two ways to access the WRDS website:

1. Use the Account Holder Sign-In Link

Brock University faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students, and research assistants are eligible to request an individual WRDS account. Please note: Only Instructors or Faculty members can request a class account.

An explanation of WRDS account types may be found at:

  • To register for a WRDS account, please complete the online registration form.
    • Select your institution (Brock University).
    • Select your affiliation (e.g., Faculty, staff, masters student, undergraduate students, or research assistant).
    • Enter your first name and last name.
    • Enter your Brock University email address.
    • Enter your desired user name.
    • Click the Submit button.
  • Your account request will be sent to the WRDS Administrator for Brock University, who will review the request and approve it (usually within 24 hours, or one business day).
  • Once your account request has been approved, you will receive an email message from WRDS with instructions on how to create a password and sign in.

2. Use the Day Pass Access Link

  • Brock University researchers may also access WRDS via the Day Pass access method.
  • Users who are off-campus will be prompted to sign in with a valid Brock University ID and Password, prior to being asked by WRDS to enter a valid Brock University email account address.
  • They will then receive an email from WRDS with the subject “WRDS Day Pass” which will include a link with a “connection string” for direct access to WRDS. Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes to receive this email. Please be patient!
  • Each WRDS Day Pass is valid for a 24 hour period, and is valid for Brock University's IP address range (e.g., on-campus access via the Brock University Wireless network or a computer lab) .

Other ways to access WRDS

WRDS databases may also be accessed via a number of methods.

  • SSH & Unix
  • PC-SAS Connect

The Support section of the WRDS website provides detailed information on each access method.