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Library Resources & Help for CHYS 3P97


Hi there, 

Welcome to the CHYS 3P97 library course guide.  This guide includes recommended resources to help you with your Research Paper assignment.  Review the resources listed on each page of this guide to help you find relevant sources for your paper. 

Where to find help:

I've included a few key video tutorials to help you use and get the most out of the library databases.  Take some time to review these once you are ready to dedicate some time to your research process. 

I've included some sample searches that are relevant to your course content and research assignment.  Take a look at the search terms I used, how they are entered into the database and what type of results you see.  These searches should help you get started in reviewing the literature, and become familiar with some of the topics that are being researched and key terms to use in your own searches.  Don't stop with these search terms/results, build on them, manipulate them,  stray away from them completely if you want. They are just a starting point. 

All the best,
-Colleen (CHYS Librarian).